Get less poop on your hand


One of the stark realities of a new baby is that you will, in fact, get poop on you. Many times. In Rorschach blots on your favorite shirt.

Today’s splatter looked to me like a naked woman. To my wife, the same blot might have looked like a desperate and woefully undersexed man. This is why Rorschachs can sometimes be useful.

The good news is that the poop doesn’t smell like your own, yet. It actually smells sort of pleasant. I think Buster’s smells like toasted almonds. Different dads have different takes.

Regardless, I don’t really care if Buster’s poop smelled like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies on a plate of rum butter, I don’t want poop on me. It’s kind of a rule I made for myself when I was around about his age. So I don’t want to experience it more than once. I also don’t even particularly like looking at collections of poop, so a simple trash can wouldn’t do. Just knowing that poop is gathering in piles in the room is unsettling enough.

This is why we’ve invested in a device that has been optimized to minimize poop exposure. The $30 has been well worth it so far. It’s called a Baby Trend Diaper Champ. Basically, the idea behind it is that it seals off the poop from the rest of the world. It looks sort of like R2D2 and has a weighted airlock system that makes a really cool sound when it is engaged, too. And its name has the word “trend” in it, so this way you know your baby’s poop will be the coolest.

There’s another popular one on the market called the Diaper Genie, but that one requires specialized bags. I try to avoid having to buy specialized refills for things that are specifically made to be thrown immediately and directly into the garbage. I’d like to get into that business, though.

The Diaper Champ takes any generic “tall kitchen” bags, which I have always thought aren’t all that tall, as far as trash bags go. I mean, have you ever bought a bag specifically made for garbage that is smaller than a “tall kitchen” bag? I think that’s where Starbucks got the idea for their Tall.

Ahem. So again, here’s why I bought and like this one:

  • Seals poop off from the world
  • Takes any kind of generic tall kitchen bag (I recommend drawstring)
  • Easy to empty without getting poop on my hand
  • Resembles R2D2 and has cool airlock sound when using
dadorbust no-brainer product pick guidelines: I don’t do competitive reviews or discuss the merits of several models when I offer my purchase decisions. I use widely trusted sources, personal recommendations, and a fully functioning forebrain.  I try not to yammer on with feature comparisons- I just tell you what I picked, the top few reasons why, and maybe I throw a few tips in.  And I follow-up with an update or separate post if something goes wrong with the product.

14 Responses to “Get less poop on your hand”

  1. Yes, the Diaper Champ is nice, but be prepared to wash it out every two months with bleach and hot water because those smells (the bad toddler poop smells) will stay in there (even when completely empty) until all of a sudden your whole house stinks.

  2. “have you ever bought a bag specifically made for garbage that is smaller than a “tall kitchen” bag?”

    Yes, I have. They make them extra small for bathroom garbage cans. :-p

  3. 3 il

    Wow. People really buy those? I have always used plastic grocery bags.

  4. ‘sort of pleasant’? Dude, let’s swap babys.

    This contraption looks like a good one to replace my Diaper Geenie. I thought the Geenie was the coolest gift we got. But like you said, I hate that it requires their bags. I’ve put standard bags in it, but it just doesn’t quite stay put. Thanks for sharing your poop.

  5. I just looked this up on Amazon and read some of the reviews. Heres a quote from a review. I’m a dog lover, I have two, but I gotta say, I couldn’t stop laughing.

    “I purchased this item for my two children about two years ago. Last night my 11 year old Alaskan Malamute suffocated to death while getting stuck in the opening. My dog, like many, had a penchant for dirty diapers, last night he knocked over the diaper champ, and knocked part of the top off. When he couldn’t get to the diapers inside, he put his head into the opening (the top opening where the ball is), and got stuck. He eventually suffocated from the plastic bag.”

    I don’t think the fact that his dog got stuck in it is the most histarical part, but rather that he posted this as his review as a reason not to get it.

  6. “Wow. People really buy those? I have always used plastic grocery bags.”

    My wife insists we use the small bags for the bathroom, but I always use the plastic grocery bags too.

  7. Oh, and we use the diaper genie but it sucks royally (at least the one we have does). Put diaper in, close latch, twist dial 3x. Open latch to see that diaper is still there, taunting you. Repeat and slap at head like Curly from the 3 Stooges.

  8. Funny! My wife insists we use cloth diapers, so for me, there is no avoiding the wrath of the poop. I have had it everywhere you can imagine (okay, maybe not EVERYwhere), but I am kinda used to it now.
    As you can imagine, we have to do laundry quite frequently, so we just throw everything in the laundry and no garbage bags to get rid of after that! Really reduces garbage too… thanks to my wife, I am probably the greenest dad ever.

  9. 9 Heinous

    Yeah, we started with the genie. Once the fatigue set in though, it was wrap it tight, shove it in whatever bag is handy. and get it out with the rest of the trash.

  10. We got the diaper Genie 2. I freakn’ love it. I only smell popcorn for a few moments then poof gone.

  11. Sure the diapers don’t stink now…just wait until they can peel paint off your walls then you’ll never get the smell out of the plastic. We couldn’t live without ours but we’ve used some serious Lysol action to try and fend off the perma-smells.

  12. You just wait for the beginning of solid food…let me know how that “popcorn” (not toasted almonds for me) work out…

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  1. 1 Thoughts on using cloth diapers | Welcome to the Dad Jam

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