Bringing back the classics

Note the use of stereophonic headphones.

Note the use of stereophonic headphones.

From the beginning, even as a toddler, I was really into music.   My parents could probably tell because I could remember the tune and lyrics of pretty much every jingle I ever heard. They were probably also slightly concerned I was soaking up marketing so readily as a result of my instinctual love for music.  So they channeled it into music instruction.  That was the greatest gift my folks ever gave me, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a wealthy pop star now.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that Buster really seems to respond to music.  He always stops to listen when it’s first turned on, and he seems more at ease with it on in the background.  This got me thinking back to the jingles that used to bounce around my head the most as a little kid. Here’s my top ten from my childhood memories that I plan to share with Buster, through the magic of YouTube.  You can save YouTube files to your computer (and copy them to your iPod later) by using a free service like this one.

I’ve already showed Buster a couple, and he seemed cosmically transfixed, either because our DNA code had aligned to share the experience entirely or because he was concentrating on passing some gas.

Anyway, feel free to add yours as well.  YouTube has pretty much everything I could remember.

10.  Great Space Coaster – I remember being amazed at the guy’s little box that could play video.  That’s called an iPod now.

9.  Spiderman –  this song has the precise amount of tension that is required to accompany a man swinging by a thread through the city, fighting crime.  And on the playground, you could also chase the girls with a wild look in your eyes while repeating “Spiderman, Spiderman” until your throat hurt.

8.  Hungry Hungry Hippos – the crazed pace and slightly unhinged nature of the jingle completely matches the crazed pace and completely unhinged nature of the game itself.  Parents must have hated hearing kids play this game.

7.  He-Man – I like how the intro includes sarcasm while referring to the pussy/battle cat.

6. Smurfberry Crunch – I just remember kids singing this song constantly at recess and being thrilled beyond reasonable belief when my friend Darren had some at his house during a sleepover.

5.  Underdog – I used to wake up before my parents at like 5:30am to sneak watching this show on a 10″ black and white TV with the volume down to almost nothing.

4.  Thundercats – When Thundercats came out, it was among the first “new” cartoons in a long time.  It had a cool premise and even seemed to have racial diversity.   It also taught me you have to shake your sword around a little to make it longer sometimes.

3.  Crispy Critters – this is a really bizarre idea for a cereal jingle when you look back at it, but it’s eerily catchy and nearly everyone my age that I know remembers it more clearly than other cereal commercials.  Oh, and the cereal was terrible – it was “low sugar” and tasted like wheat crackers.

2.  Mahna Mahna – this has been revived and maybe overplayed lately, but it’s still one of my favorites.  I remember walking to and from the bus stop with this in my head.

1.  J-Joe Jeans and His Jelly Beans – this is the greatest song ever to come out of Sesame Street, maybe out of any children’s show of my youth.  If you listen closely in the background, there’s actually some excellent guitar work over a well-instrumented but basic tune.  Buster liked this one a lot, too.

Seriously, add yours to the list in the comment section – this will be fun.  Try linking to YouTube, too.


9 Responses to “Bringing back the classics”

  1. I always dug “Billy Joe Jive, Super Crimefighting Ace”.

  2. awwww man, that post brought back some memories! i too watched he-man and thunder cats (*blushing*). here’s another one of my fav’s…

  3. 3 il

    @gina agreed on that version of the Scooby Doo song being the only authentic one.

    @shane you mean:

  4. 4 allisonwonder

    Wow… I’m definitely going to be sharing these with my little guys. Thanks!

  5. Wow, Great Space Coaster – didn’t remember it being such a cheesy animated opening! But, no news is good news without Gary Gnus I guess 😉

    I also use to watch Fraggle Rock (Doozers ate glass…well, supposedly it was raddish dust, but looked like glass to me

    This should keep you busy for a while:

    And while I am remembering the 80’s, anyone up for a game of Dragon’s lair?

  6. They don’t make em like this any more.

  7. I have 4 kids although my youngest is my husbands 1st biological child. He’d love your site. He loves all this “classic” stuff. He and our 1 year old spend lots of time in front of the computer watching old cartoons and listening to favorite songs from 70s and 80s television.

  8. 8 Gen. Stoopnagle

    You want a cheezy opening? “The Big Blue Marble.”

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