Laughs are only a nickel


I do a lot of writing purely for your reading pleasure, and I’ve never asked anything of you for this three-laughs-a-minute joyride.  But today, you’re going to do something for me.  Actually, for some kids.  And some teachers.  Well, for all of us, really.

You, perhaps for the first time all day, are going to do something entirely significant.  You’re going to do it by making the best impulse purchase you’ve ever made in your life.   I want you to give some cash to a teacher.

Public school teachers these days have fewer resources than ever.  In poorer communities where parents can’t donate their time or afford to pay for extras, this means that the education those kids are getting can be bare bones at best.

We’re not just talking about not having the latest technology in the classroom here, we’re talking about trying to teach gymnastics without mats!

I know, I know.  Some of you are shaking your heads.  You have your own kids to worry about.  Charity starts at home.  Well, guess what?  You don’t want your kids to have to take care of the kids who grow up with the dents in their heads and chips on their shoulders that they got from doing somersaults on hardwood.   And if you’re reading this blog on an LCD anything, chances are you have a $10 bill somewhere that you can spare.

Think about this.  Some public school teacher is already working for a lot less than (s)he deserves.  Probably driving to and from a dangerous neighborhood every day.  Fostering hope for children in the face of long odds.  Digging into his/her own pocket to make sure everyone has pencils and paper.  Often without any thanks at all.  And what does that teacher do when (s)he gets home?  (S)he goes on the Internet and enrolls in this program so that (s)he can teach MORE to these children!  And by the way, (s)he probably has a family too.

So what are you doing?  You’re going to that damn website, yanking your credit card out of your pocket and parting with ten or twenty bucks, that’s what you’re doing.  Two minutes from now, you can feel good about yourself on a bunch of levels.  And if that isn’t enough for you, the kids send you thank you notes.

It also makes a great gift.   You can give a Giving Card that allows the recipient to designate which projects across the US they wish to fund.

So go, right now.  I’m not writing another blog post until you do.


10 Responses to “Laughs are only a nickel”

  1. You are so amazing for doing this. Thanks for putting it up. I made sure to let all the girls on our sister mom sites know that you did this too.

  2. DONE!! (I’ve been out of touch for a few days, or else I would have done this sooner.)

    What a great program – I’m happy to participate. I would have done so regardless, but just so you know? Your threat to never write another blog post would have been all I needed to be scared straight. (Holy crap…WHAT???)

  3. 3 il

    Wooo! Thanks for doing some good! And also for freeing me from the virtual carbonite I put myself in.

  4. Wow, that is really messed up. $700 billion bail-out – where is the bail out for these teachers!? Amazing that simple things like dry-erase markers are on there! So glad to see my tax money well distributed…

    Donation done!

  5. 5 il

    Thanks, Joe – you’re one of the good ones!

  6. Dude. Nice crossover Star Wars reference. That made me laugh out loud.

    Soon enough, you are going to grow immensely tired of my constantly telling you how much you make me laugh out loud. (That won’t stop me though.)

  7. Once again, I forget to log in so I look like someone different. “Lesley” is Latin for “INEPT.”

  8. Great information. My wife is a teacher so I understand how desperately teachers need funds for supplies.

  9. buy rocket Spanish, purchase rocket

  10. 10 Amber

    Thanks so much for highlighting DonorsChoose. I am a public school teacher in an extremely poor rural area, and I have put a project on DonorsChoose for new books for my classroom. Thankfully, that one was funded and my class now has new novels.

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