The Stroller

I do not jog.

I do not jog

This assignment is definitely a Man Buy, simply because of the fact strollers have wheels.  This stroller also has “a suspension system and wheels with sealed bearings and a rear parking brake.”  This is all you.

The female culture around the stroller is similar to that around the purse.   The Bugaboo is the Louis Vuitton of the stroller world.  If your wife has one of those, better get her the Bugaboo.  And good luck with that.

This one is a lot more practical (read: $200 instead of $800) and lucky for you, it happens to be the hot new stroller among hip moms – at least according to the shockingly convincing middle aged man in khakis and a slightly untucked polo at BuyBuyBaby.

Above left, you are looking at a brand-new, fresh-off-the-lot, 2008 Baby Jogger Gray City Mini Single Stroller. I kicked the tires for you and even got the dealer to give me a good deal on the trade-in.

I mentioned a bit about this in my post on BuyBuyBaby, but this thing is super-cool.  The main thing that makes it so cool is that it empowers you with the stroller world equivalent of the Vulcan Death Grip.  Remember how Mr. Spock would just kind of put his hand on someone’s shoulder and they would instantly fold to the ground? That’s what this thing does!

I mean, it does this when you want to fold it, not when you go to push it.  That would be very bad.

But it is quite incredible – this thing folds up so easily it makes a golf umbrella seem awkward.  And it’s light enough for her while still feeling very sturdy and maneuverable.  That’s probably because it’s made by the people who invented jogging strollers.

However, this one is not for jogging – it is for strolling only.  That is fine with me because jogging seems hard.

So the reasons I bought this one were:

  1. Super-light and easy for my wife to fold and lift
  2. Has the maneuverability and construction of a jogging stroller without actually having to pretend you jog
  3. Much more reasonably priced than others while still coming from a good brand

It’s a simple design, but it comes without any extra gear, which is a bit annoying because we were only able to get the child tray (~$20) while the parent tray (~$30) was not in stock.

Those are beers for sure

Those are beers for sure

This is slightly scary to me.

This is slightly scary to me.

There’s also a lined cooler bag (~$30), which I assumed was to keep the baby’s bottle cold, but there seems to be some beers in the one on the Amazon site, which pretty much proves I was right about choosing this brand.

There’s also a rain canopy (~$30) we may get but haven’t yet.  There’s a bug canopy too, but I don’t plan on taking the baby anywhere that requires that level of protection.  Seems like the kid wouldn’t really be enjoying the great outdoors anyway.

dadorbust no-brainer product pick guidelines: I don’t do competitive reviews or discuss the merits of several models when I offer my purchase decisions. I use widely trusted sources, personal recommendations, and a fully functioning forebrain.  I try not to yammer on with feature comparisons- I just tell you what I picked, the top few reasons why, and maybe I throw a few tips in.  And I follow-up with an update or separate post if something goes wrong with the product.

6 Responses to “The Stroller”

  1. 1 jhoetzl

    Excellent choice for a stroller! We originally had a Bumbleride flyer, but after two returns, one for a flat out design flaw (the tire rubs the storage basket and rips it) we decided on this one.
    I must say, that if you plan on using this with a newborn, you may want to seriously consider the infant seat adapter (overpriced!) if you have a convertible/removable car seat. The straps on the city mini are really hard to get small enough to secure a newborn in it. I miss the flip-over handle that the Bumbleride had, but the maneuverability and portability of this city mini is amazing. I did install one of those head wrap-around things in it, a vented one, which helps out positioning a lot.

  2. But don’t you think the basket is too small?? That’s really my main complaint, but also that you have to buy all those additions. We did get suckered into a buying the carseat adapter (like $60!!) but it makes the whole stroller tip over if you’re not careful. For that same price you can buy a universal carseat holder and stroll your infant in that until she is big enough to fit in the city mini — it’s true that the straps to the city mini are hard to get down to a small size. Anyways, glad you’re enjoying it. You can read more of my rant on my blogpost about the city mini

  3. 3 kris

    do you think your chicco infant car seat will fit on this stroller? i’m looking at the combination with a car seat adaptor but can’t find that the chicco is compatible with the citi mini. any help there?

  4. Great stroller, we are looking at the same type. We like the simple design…. less things to break!

  5. You blog is very nice. What tools did you use to make this?

  1. 1 The Baby Monitor « dad or bust

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