I hope I don’t have to use the Popeye Hold

You cant start a fire by rubbing two babies together.

Despite the scouting motif, you can't start a fire by rubbing two babies together.

If you like this blog, you’ll probably love this book and consider this destination only mildly useful in comparison.

It’s meant for knowing what to do once the baby has arrived, so it doesn’t go into pregnancy or delivery. But I went through six weeks of class on that. More on that later.

So without any actual experience as a dad, I would recommend this book to any guys getting ready to be dads for the first time simply as a means to feel a little more comfortable with everything about to come your way. I found it calming, at least.

Because the authors went with bulletpoints and simple illustrations, they pack into about 230 pages an entire year of fathering tricks, going from post-delivery through the first birthday. Burping, baths, games, everything calling for a Dad is detailed, and the authors explain which roles probably make the most sense for you to take on.

I’m somewhat convinced this book will make me seem slightly competent and even intermittently useful.

It’s not by any means comprehensive, but it is just specific enough to be a nice guidebook. I’d love to post some of the illustrations from the book that are hysterical, but I’d probably get sued.

Anyway, this is the book for Dads to prepare for baby because:

1. It tells you what to do, in what order, when and why – making it a great advance scouter and a good troubleshooter. It doesn’t present you with several thousand options and then let you know that it’s a personal choice on what to do.

2. It’s really funny while still being good-natured.

3. It’s got a waterproof cover. I don’t know if that was tongue-in-cheek or not, but I can definitely picture myself trying to bathe the baby with my left hand on the book, my right hand on the baby, my dog running around barking and my wife screaming in terror. Waterproof might be good.

And I’ll be sure to post those photos.


2 Responses to “I hope I don’t have to use the Popeye Hold”

  1. 1 il

    By the way, the Popeye hold is a special cradling position to reduce gas during colic episodes. Colic is scarier to me than death.

  2. 2 jhoetzl

    Colic is a “made up” problem by the formula and baby bottle industry used mainly for marketing purposes. Newborns are fussy and cry – deal with it.
    Think about it, you are in the nice warm cuddly space for 9 months, then BOOM, you are out in the cold, naked. If I dropped you off in Antarctica without clothes on you would cry too! And yes, for the first 2 months my little one cried and fussed – part of the deal!

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