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This is the most extravagant baby accessory I think we’ve purchased, at least in terms of its cost relative to other options.  It is entirely possible that you can get a perfectly fine baby monitor for less than a third of the $199 that this one costs.   But having owned about 30 bargain-priced cordless phones […]

I thought I’d present three products that aren’t necessarily worthy of their own posts, but when their forces are combined, create… like 45 seconds of reasonably useful reading. Speaking of reasonably useful, I found this reasonably useful. It’s a waterproof vinyl, lightweight blanket-thing. It’s not so much for keeping the kid warm as it is […]

One of the stark realities of a new baby is that you will, in fact, get poop on you. Many times. In Rorschach blots on your favorite shirt. Today’s splatter looked to me like a naked woman. To my wife, the same blot might have looked like a desperate and woefully undersexed man. This is […]