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After six to eight weeks of short breaks of silence as the only reward for good parenting, you begin to develop a bad attitude. You start calling your child names – at first innocuous ones, like “meanie” or maybe even “jerk,” but you quickly progress to inappropriate terms like “dickhead” and “ungrateful rat bastard.” Your […]

For years, our dog Rover T has been the centerpiece of our home life. Our first kid, if you will. We have taken hundreds of photos of him. We get him birthday presents. We follow a guidebook of places for him to romp. We bought an SUV basically to accommodate his 100 pound heft. We […]

It’s incredibly tempting to give you the minute details of the first five days of my son’s life. It’s been incredible. Words of description lag by miles behind the joy. I’ve seen my wife as never before. I’ve seen myself as never before. In the shining grey pools of Buster’s eyes, I’ve seen promise, destiny, […]

Thanks to Paul Nyhan at the Seattle Post Intelligencer for giving DoB a shout out in his blog today. Paul raises a good point in the wake of the NYT article on the glass ceiling for Mom bloggers – what about Dads? Slowly, we’re working our way across the blogosphere as well.  The first hit […]