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As you get used to the idea of being a father, your realization of the sheer breadth of your responsibility unfolds slowly, like when you unfold a board game.  Except with this board game, once unfolded, it spreads out wider than a room, wider than a house. Your first instinct is to act as if […]

We fall for some really dumb marketing concepts sometimes. I’m looking at a bin of wipes. They are Pampers natural aloe unscented wipes. On the top left corner of the label is a picture of a perfect baby, with a mom kissing him gently on the shoulder. There’s also a picture of a raindrop falling […]

A lot of people have given me advice on the first few weeks of fatherhood.  Most of it comes with “don’t worry…” attached to the front of it.   Yet I still worry. So I asked a bunch of Twittererer parent-bloggers for the advice they’d provide if they could go back in time and visit their […]