I liked the Butt Paste the most


I thought I’d present three products that aren’t necessarily worthy of their own posts, but when their forces are combined, create… like 45 seconds of reasonably useful reading.

Speaking of reasonably useful, I found this reasonably useful. It’s a waterproof vinyl, lightweight blanket-thing. It’s not so much for keeping the kid warm as it is for laying out on the grass and having a picnic or watching fireworks or baby breakdancing or something. I can tell it will be better than dragging an old wool blanket around – I doubt it can get musty or get those weird little spider egg cases stuck to it that freak your wife out. It’s made by a company called Diaper Dude, which I assume is trying to appeal to guys. Considering that and the fact it weighs nothing, I’m not sure why it has the carrying strap. I’m also not sure I would have paid the $50+ for this thing. But we got it as a gift, so hurray for Buster and other people’s conspicuous consumption, er, I mean generosity.

Sometime back, I asked people on Twitter whether there were any products they couldn’t live without in the first few months. “Get the The Miracle Blanket if you like sleeping” was the instant response from one of the guys who writes at DadCentric. So even though I have mad swaddling skills with a normal blanket, I went ahead and bought it. It’s shaped so that you can wrap up your kid like eleven times in a way that makes him either want to top himself with tomatoes and sour cream and serve himself to drunk college kids, or just lose consciousness. It definitely works, although I’m not sure it’s an actual miracle. An actual miracle would be if I could figure out another way to get him out of it besides holding one end and sending him spinning as I unroll him like a red carpet in a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

It’s not just a pretty name. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste works. This one I can heartily recommend, as I’m proud to say that Buster’s butt has been rash-free since we took him home from the hospital, where he had developed some redness thanks to the institutional stuff they were putting on there. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste clearly forms a superior layer of butt protection. I realize there are others out there that likely work, but none with a name like this – and people like buying it, too. We put some on our registry and three different people bought us some. And I’m glad, because we’re going through it pretty quickly. Come to think of it, I can’t find one of the tubes so I’m now wondering whether one of the grandpas was kidding when he asked if it worked for adults too.

dadorbust no-brainer product pick guidelines: I don’t do competitive reviews or discuss the merits of several models when I offer my purchase decisions. I use widely trusted sources, personal recommendations, and a fully functioning forebrain.  I try not to yammer on with feature comparisons- I just tell you what I picked, the top few reasons why, and maybe I throw a few tips in.  And I follow-up with an update or separate post if something goes wrong with the product.

6 Responses to “I liked the Butt Paste the most”

  1. I liked everything about the Butt Paste except the texture. We’ve been using Bag Balm on kiddo number 2 and it works like a charm. Also? Bag Balm? *titter*

    • 2 JJB

      If I recall correctly, it’s called that because it was originally used by farmers for sore teats on cows from milking, and you know how a cow has a large “bag”, or udder…?

  2. Maybe I am just slow, but I could never get that miracle thing to work. We passed on it and used the Swaddle Me’s from Kiddopotamus – http://www.kiddopotamus.com/p_swad.php. I am not sure what we would have done without it. I might not be here today.

    Have not tried butt paste. We got some, but we also got some fancy stuff from my mother in law who owns a day spa – something. Works great.

  3. 4 il

    Yeah, we have the kiddopotamus one too. The problem I have with that one is that the legs pocket part is too big for the kid right now, so it doesn’t really hold his legs down, which is mostly what needs to happen.

  4. Butt paste is the best! It always worked fastest on my son.

  5. yeah, my husband likes butt paste too.

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