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I overheard the midwives talking with another patient when I was at our last appointment. “Oh, you’ll just love him. First of all, he’s gorgeous – tall, with these smoky eyes. And he’s got this gentle voice,” one cooed. “Yeah, he’s the sexiest one I’ve seen,” agreed the other. “And he’s like, Italian or something, […]

I can’t get much sleep lately because my wife can’t. She tosses and turns, elbows and kicks, steals pillows and blankets, and generally takes up 3/4ths of a queen-sized bed despite the fact that I am 6’3″ and she is 5’2″. I haven’t made it past 7AM in three weekends, and have been up before […]

We’re finally done with our birth class. We’ve actually been done for a couple of weeks now, but I wanted to let the experience sink in before I wrote about it here, in the hope I’d demonstrate a bit more restraint in my recollection and appear to be a more reasonable and patient man than […]

This is a peek into week 36, if you dare. You may not want to wrap your mind around it. You may also want to get your information from something other than a 200th generation photocopy of a mimeograph from something written on a typewriter.

No, it is not a disco inferno. But something is burning. We are currently trying moxibustion in order to get the baby to move into proper upside-down position, instead of continuing to dance on my wife’s liver and bang his/her head against her ribs. This is called breech position. To me, the word “breech” sounds […]

Don’t tell anybody else about the pregnancy. Keep it between you and your wife. This includes dropping obvious hints. I have a few friends who told me right away, and then had problems, and it just resulted in unnecessary awkward conversations. You should be at the point in your life where you can keep a […]