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This is the most extravagant baby accessory I think we’ve purchased, at least in terms of its cost relative to other options.  It is entirely possible that you can get a perfectly fine baby monitor for less than a third of the $199 that this one costs.   But having owned about 30 bargain-priced cordless phones […]

We fall for some really dumb marketing concepts sometimes. I’m looking at a bin of wipes. They are Pampers natural aloe unscented wipes. On the top left corner of the label is a picture of a perfect baby, with a mom kissing him gently on the shoulder. There’s also a picture of a raindrop falling […]

I thought I’d present three products that aren’t necessarily worthy of their own posts, but when their forces are combined, create… like 45 seconds of reasonably useful reading. Speaking of reasonably useful, I found this reasonably useful. It’s a waterproof vinyl, lightweight blanket-thing. It’s not so much for keeping the kid warm as it is […]

One of the stark realities of a new baby is that you will, in fact, get poop on you. Many times. In Rorschach blots on your favorite shirt. Today’s splatter looked to me like a naked woman. To my wife, the same blot might have looked like a desperate and woefully undersexed man. This is […]

I know. Shut up. But you didn’t expect me to carry around my wife’s purse-looking thing did you? It’s a diaper bag. To be more exact, it’s a Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Black diaper bag. The photo on the right is the Man version of the photo of the bag. The one at left from […]

Cracked put together this hysterical list of actual baby products that just shouldn’t be. At left is the “Daddle,” and at right is the “Po-Knee.” Apparently the father’s early role is very equine in nature. But this is just the beginning. The other products are actually much more terrifying. Thanks to jhoetzel for pointing this […]

If you like this blog, you’ll probably love this book and consider this destination only mildly useful in comparison. It’s meant for knowing what to do once the baby has arrived, so it doesn’t go into pregnancy or delivery. But I went through six weeks of class on that. More on that later. So without […]

The Stroller


This assignment is definitely a Man Buy, simply because of the fact strollers have wheels.  This stroller also has “a suspension system and wheels with sealed bearings and a rear parking brake.”  This is all you. The female culture around the stroller is similar to that around the purse.   The Bugaboo is the Louis Vuitton […]

Okay, this is the first product-related post, so I’ll tell you what to expect here in general. I am not going to do competitive reviews or discuss with you the merits of several models when I discuss purchase decisions. I’ll just tell you what I picked, the top three reasons why, and maybe throw a […]