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Buster’s a great kid.   Considering his only job right now is to eat, poop, and to try not to cry, that may be a relatively meaningless statement, but so far, he’s pretty good at all those things. That said, he doesn’t know me from an inanimate carbon rod.  At least not yet. It is admittedly […]

For some reason, Buster really doesn’t like diaper-changing time. He lets out these yowls that make me worry about my future hearing ability and his future hygiene habits. Personally, I think the idea of someone taking care of an undercarriage wash for me sounds rather convenient. Not Buster. But he does seem to relax a […]

I’m running up the basement stairs, with an extra lilt in my step. It is 9PM and I’ve just locked the back door. I’m about to be alone with my wife and Buster. As I skip with glee toward the main floor, my wife locks the front door and rests her back on it. She […]

A lot of people have given me advice on the first few weeks of fatherhood.  Most of it comes with “don’t worry…” attached to the front of it.   Yet I still worry. So I asked a bunch of Twittererer parent-bloggers for the advice they’d provide if they could go back in time and visit their […]