It’s better when I talk back to the voices

This picture of fruit salad is only here because thats the last word I heard someone say aloud just now.

This picture of fruit salad is only here because that's the phrase I heard someone say in the background just now.

I am currently teetering on the edge of consciousness. I am still processing the four days that have passed in the last 25 seconds. Or vice versa. I am not returning people’s congratulatory phone calls and emails for fear they will think I am wasted.

Don’t get me wrong – I am having a great time. Taking Buster home today was one of the best moments of my life. I will likely spend weeks unraveling the happenings of these first few days to relive and record the experience. Love has struck in primal lightning bolts that have bonded me to my boy forever. And it’s never been clearer what my life’s mission is.

But I’m not sure I make too much sense to anyone else right now. And my motor skills have devolved to that of a seven year old. Multitasking is just not possible. I’m finding tasking very difficult.

I am also inexplicably over-confident that tasking is a word. And that over-confident should be hyphenated. And I’m very easily distrac… oh look, fruit salad!

I have no useful advice on how to cope with this yet. But I will say it’s better when I talk back to the voices. Oh wait, I already said that. Hey, fruit salad!

Everyone told me it would be like this but I had no idea.


2 Responses to “It’s better when I talk back to the voices”

  1. So calm and collected before the baby … now look at you … you are a ranting babbling fool. I would love to have some advice when you get yourself together again. LOL.

    I have this same thing to look forward to in just 10 weeks now. Its going to fast.

    Keep your head up …. well at least keep in on and things will calm down soon enough. Congrats again.

  2. Hey! Congrats and way to go! Don’t worry, it gets easier! The crying and screaming starts to drown out the voices eventually too, so no worries there either 😉
    Just think calming, soothing thoughts. And nap as much as possible when you can… you’ll need the energy for the waking times.
    Take care, my blog has some posts with some newborn coping tips, as mine is just over two weeks old. Check it out!
    The Blogg Daddy

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