I want you to name my baby

What? It sounds really good with my last name.

What. It sounds really good with my last name.

Okay, not really. But I don’t plan on using the actual baby’s name in this blog, so I’m going to need a pseudonym. I thought it might be fun to open it up to the vast and limitless wisdom of the Internets. Even if I don’t know the gender yet.

Here are some to start. Feel free to add yours in the comment section.

Boy names: Grover, Mercury, Super, Sex Fruit, Cap’n, Edward Zachary

Girl names: Sangria, Chlamydia, Plaxica, Venti, Shirley Hemphill


14 Responses to “I want you to name my baby”

  1. 1 Angela

    I believe at one time the name “Flip” was suggested and it, too, sounded good with your last name. 🙂 (for a male)

  2. Why not just name the baby after his daddy? Patrick Dempsey is a beautiful name.

  3. 3 il

    Sarah. May you have three sons.

  4. if it’s a girl: Little Debbie or Tracey
    if it’s a boy: Nuttybar
    Or any character from Saturday Night Live from 1988-1998

  5. 5 Newt Rockme

    The answer is Reggie

  6. 6 momstheword

    She-Ra for a girl. Mur-Man for a boy.

  7. hmmm….

    any interesting facts about the conception that could make for interesting nicknames?

    ie: backrub
    Jack Daniels
    Barry White



  8. Dork Jr.?
    Chip (as in “chip off the ol’ block)
    That stinky, squiggly thing

    You can also do Indian names like:

    Pees in her pants
    Poops where he pleases

    Good luck!

  9. My vote.



    Xena Warrior Princess


  10. Frogmorton!!!!

  11. Pat, and then you wouldn’t reveal the gender either… 🙂

  12. The Shmooky Bear

  13. How about “Junior” or “Minime”?

  14. I cannot believe Chlamydia was already taken– I thought I knew of the only person on Earth with this horrible name. So I guess consider that two votes for Chlammy! For a boy: Gonorrhea.

    Danget, I just saw that you already picked a name. Oh well, you can always use Gonny for a nickname, right?

    Seriously, though, congratulations!

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