Dad or Bust gets ink


Thanks to Paul Nyhan at the Seattle Post Intelligencer for giving DoB a shout out in his blog today. Paul raises a good point in the wake of the NYT article on the glass ceiling for Mom bloggers – what about Dads?

Slowly, we’re working our way across the blogosphere as well.  The first hit was on I believe.  Also got a mention in the blog roll at Childs Play x2 and Bewildered Housewife, not to mention early help from Avocados at 3AM, DIY Father, and, as well as a bunch of others. There has also been an influx of website traffic from Utah, so I’ve either been linked from somewhere there that I can’t find or people are ready to audition to be my second wife. Okay, just lost all the traffic from Utah…


One Response to “Dad or Bust gets ink”

  1. Hey I feel for ya,

    I guess by your definition a GrandDaddy Blogger?

    As a baby boomer father my parenting skills left a lot to be desired, I’ve now got 30 years of expirience in “What NOT to do”.

    Never in a millions years did I suspect that I’d get a second chance to “get it right”.
    Who was it that said we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes?

    I work on my budding local search engine optimization business at night and watch my Granddaughter during the day. The latter is the most important job I’ve ever undertaken. This go round with parenting I no longer have to:
    -pay the rent
    -loose sleep because my ex was cheating on me
    -don’t have to get up ontime or I’ll get fired (who’s gonna fire me? me?)

    A quick perusing of your blog posts and I think I’ll ask you if I can reblog your stuff via RSS!

    Dont’ link to me, I’ll link to you, I do SEO and what you want is a one way link from high quality authority sites (and my blog wont hurt either)

    Here’s a traffic hint… trust me on this, get a account and email me. I’ll show you how to get your page rank boosted and it won’t cost you a cent

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