At 1PM on a Wednesday


At around 1PM next Wednesday, I will become a father.


I’m just going to let that sentence sit out there on its own like that for awhile and just look at it.

Feel free to join me. It’s pretty… breathtaking.


4 Responses to “At 1PM on a Wednesday”

  1. 1 il

    (The external version didn’t work. We’ll have to do with a C-Section.)

  2. 2 mtaterskt738

    Congratulations. This is a very very exciting time. I am a few more weeks out and I cant wait. YOU must be on the edge of your seat. Again Congratulations and dont let the anticipation drive you crazy.



  3. Just be prepared for Monday. We had scheduled our c-section for a Tuesday and they decided that Sunday was a better time for them.

    Good luck! Your life will never be the same. (In a good way)

  4. Already no time to blog 🙂 Enjoy! Actually, don’t enjoy, people ask us “Are you enjoying her”, um, yeah, she tastes great with a little garlic and butter is my response…
    So instead, have fun, and remember, wherever you go, there you and your baby are…

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