I’m pretty sure there’s a need for this.


I’m not 100% positive. But it seems to me that there aren’t that many blogs for new dads out there that are both funny and useful. So I thought I’d try this out.

I’m not particularly interested in reading about the details of someone else’s child’s life. So I won’t focus my energies on providing you a chronicle of mine. But I will try to impart whatever I do pick up along the way, and that may require sharing a few things about my own life. I’ll keep it to a minimum for my sake and yours.

I will tell you off the bat that I have only a slight clue what I’m in for. We’re due in August. I’ve talked to my friends and I’ve read the books they told me to read. Some of my friends seem very happy and comfortable as new parents. Others seem more stressed. Others, even while smiling broadly and congratulating me, were clearly subliminally pleading with me not to go forward when I first shared the news. I’m still excited. Maybe that’s some secret trick in human design, but I am.

So, given that my entire parenting experience is derived from three or four paperback books and three or four dinners with new parents, why should you read my blog?

Because self-deprecation and enthusiasm in the face of profound ignorance is funny to watch.


One Response to “I’m pretty sure there’s a need for this.”

  1. You have been doing a great job so far, I enjoy reading your humorous tips and metaphors as you make your way through this journey of discovery.

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